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Jewel Staite Daily

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Hi and welcome to Jewel Staite Daily, the LiveJournal community dedicated to sharing pics of the wonderfully talented Canadian actress. Odds are you've seen her somewhere over the years and not even realised it. She's been acting in TV and movies since the age of 9 (14 years as I write this), on Canadian and American produced shows alike, everything from The Odyssey, to The X-Files, to Are You Afraid of the Dark to Spaces Cases and Flash Forward. More recently Firefly, Wonderfalls, and reprising her role from Firefly for the feature film Serenity.

1. Every post must contain at least one pic of Jewel. They can be pics of Jewel with other castmates or people, but Jewel has to be there somewhere.
2. No hotlinking/direct linking from other sites. If you're caught direct linking, I'll delete the post, no questions asked. Bandwidth stealing costs the webmasters money, and we wouldn't want them to have to close their sites, now would we? If you have a paid account LJ gives you space for photo hosting. If you have a free account, try photobucket or other free hosting providers.
3. Credit the original image source whenever possible. I realise this isn't always possible, because the pictures may just be uploaded from hard drives where they've been sitting for ages, but if you can, please credit. It not only gives the webmasters credit for making the picture avaliable, and gives the photographer credit, it makes it much easier for other people to discover new sources for Jewel stuff.
4. If posting more than one picture (or posting one or more high resolution ones) please put them behind an lj-cut. Not everyone has a high speed connection, and nobody wants to wait a thousand years for their friends pages to load.
5. If posting anything inappropriate for viewing at work or around young children, please put all images behind an lj-cut.

1. This is not the place for posting icons or graphics. I love graphics as much as anybody. Spend an insane amount of time playing in Paint Shop Pro, but there are numerous other comms that will be happy to have you show off your icons in them.
2. Please don't spam the comm with off topic posts. Commentary on pictures is more than allowed, as is say mentioning Jewel's upcoming appearances/work so long as there is at least one picture of Jewel in the post.
3. Any promotion for other comms should be emailed to the community's mailing address.